First load of boxes in!

Day 12 (Saturday July 14) – moving day phase 1

Today was easily one of the busiest days for us so far. There aren’t many pictures, mostly because I was as busy as everybody else, and also because people don’t like to get their picture taken when they have been lifting boxes for several hours. We picked up our 26 foot uhaul truck at 10

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Wide shot of the bathroom framing

Day 11 (already?) Friday July 13

Today we stopped by our storage unit and took a load of stuff that is delicate and wouldn’t stack well in the moving van. It was hot and muggy from the get go! The guys from Construct 3 were there early and working on building the floor and starting on the walls. Inspector came by

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Alistair from Construct 3 cuts into the cement footings.

Day 10 (Thursday July 12)

Today was another day bustling with activity. After a night of drying, Leah’s painted light fixtures look great! You can’t even tell they were painted. Especially when they are up on the walls and ceiling. I spent the morning┬áre-installing┬áthem. While I was up a ladder with my hands jammed in a bundle of wires, the

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Privacy Please!!

Day 9 (Wednesday July 10)

On Wednesday we were back into the full swing of things. The bathroom tear-out is in full swing, which is very cool to see. It’s too bad we will be back at work when it all comes together, but it will be neat to come to it at the end of the day and see

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First coat done!

Day 8 (Tuesday July 10)

Sorry there haven’t been any updates in the last few days. We have been up at 7 every morning and at the church till 11 or 12 midnight. By the time we get back in range of technology, we have both been too wiped for posting. Day 8 was a┬ácomparatively┬áquiet day. There wasn’t a lot

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Our new open concept bathroom.

Days 6 & 7

Mike here with another quick update. Sunday, or day 6, was a day of rest of sorts. We had a family picnic on Leah’s side, and since we have missed it for a couple years due to being on tour, we figured we had to make the trip. It was a fun day on the

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The half done wall for comparison

Day 5 – Getting primed

Today was a comparatively quiet (and cooler) day in our new home. Being Saturday, all the contractors were hopefully getting a much deserved break, so it was just Leah and I. We got up early, and started tidying up the space, moved some stacks of tables and chairs out of the way, and started taping all the

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Day four, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the A/C.

Mike and Leah here. Writing a post from our temporary living room in our new home. One of the challenges we didn’t think of was the fact that in a triple brick building, our iPhones (which we use now exclusively in lieu of a land line) lose at least two bars of reception. it often

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Days 2 and 3!

Mike here, with updates on our progress for days 2 and 3 of our little project. Wednesday our construction contractors started, in addition to the fine folks from Coad Heating being there. They began framing the walls for our living room and bedrooms. We are using metal studs and it is amazing how quick those go

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Well, it was a day of excitement that is for sure. We took possession today. We received the keys – usually you get 4 or so – we got something like 18 (see photo). We changed the locks this afternoon. Here is a photo of Mike opening the door for the first time – yeah!

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