Mike here, with updates on our progress for days 2 and 3 of our little project.

Wednesday our construction contractors started, in addition to the fine folks from CoadĀ Heating being there. They began framing the walls for our living room and bedrooms. We are using metal studs and it is amazing how quick those go up. My little injury from day one was acting up so I had to duck away to rest my eye, and when I came back downstairs you could clearly see how everything was going to be. It’s amazing to see the ideas we have been putting on paper for months fleshed out and coming together before our eyes.

From this….


to this…

to this, in the blink of an injured eye! (well not a blink exactly, but more of a squint)

Although we didn’t see any more bats, we did have one critter invasion, of a sort. After a quick run into town to pick up some eye-injury-relief medicine, we returned to a very amused construction crew. “Do you have a dog?” they asked. When we responded in the negative, they told us “You do now!”

It seems that in our absence, a very friendly old dog wandered into our yard and decided to check on the progress. Then he took a 4 hour nap in the kitchen. We figure he was afraid of the thunder and lightning that was happening. We tried to get him to go to the door but he was not having it, so we gave him some water and let him be. After the storm died down I lured him to the door with a slice of lunch meat. Once I got him close enough to the door that he could see the storm was over, he just trotted off home.

I prefer dogs to bats.

Thursday started with me opening my eyes and being happy for the simple things, like being able to open my eyes. Just as the doctor said, after two days, it is feeling much better.

Construction wise, we saw more framing put up (our closet is gonna be awesome!), including the framing for our fireplace! It should arrive Friday, and we are very excited. Some of the inner walls also got removed for the bathroom renovation. Leah and I did some work in the office area, and are getting ready to prime and paint in areas that aren’t being heavily worked on. We also cleared some brush for the air conditioning units.

The heating installation continues on track. Gas lines have been run, and our fancy new on-demand water heater is in place. It sounds like they will be able to get one of the units up and running Friday, and based on how hot it is, everybody is looking forward to it!

No unexpected visits from the animal kingdom today. And no injuries either!

It’s cool to watch these guys work. The place feels so busy it is going to be weird when it’s all done and it’s just Leah, me and any random animals that wander by. We will have to have lots of friends and family visit to make it seem right!

We knocked off a bit early, as our good friend Karyn Ellis was playing a house concert in town, and we needed some good ol’ music-recharge therapy! Well worth it!


Tomorrows gonna be another hot one, and we will be up early to get as much done as we can. Stay tuned!!



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