On Wednesday we were back into the full swing of things.

The bathroom tear-out is in full swing, which is very cool to see. It’s too bad we will be back at work when it all comes together, but it will be neat to come to it at the end of the day and see how much got done. Today they tore out the wall separating the shed from, well, outside. It the bathroom was open concept before, I don’t know what to call it now. They also dug and poured the footings for the extended floor; that will hold our shower and tub.

We finally got to open the box for the tub today, and it was a relief to see that what we ordered was in the box, and man does it look big and comfy. I am tempted to fill it with a hose, if not for the aforementioned privacy issues in the current bathroom. We also went to Rona and picked up our shower today. It was a stock item, but it comes in two parts, the glass and the base. Somehow they were out of stock of the base at the first store, but they had the glass. The store across town had the base, but no glass. So another 45 minutes to go there and get the complete set.

On the furnace front, Dave and Philip got the sheet metal pretty much ready for the cold air returns in our livingroom and bedroom, as well as piping heat and a/c to the new bathrooms. With all this fancy furnace tech, there is no way we are using baseboard heaters in there. The Coad guys were back to begin hooking up the second furnace, but we missed them while we were in town. There is a bit more for them to do Thursday, but everything looks good.

I had to make a run to my old workplace, Superior Computers to get some ethernet cable as what I had wasn’t long enough. I got the lengths I needed measured out, but by the time I was done that, I was far too tired to attempt untangling the mess I created.

Leah, genius that she is, spent some of the day spray painting the shiny gold light fixtures to a nice rubbed bronze finish. Bronze fixtures are often $40 to $60 more than the shiny gold, and a can of spray paint is much cheaper. We are going to let them dry overnight and see how they do.

All in all, a pretty productive day, even with the extra trip across town.

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