Tub filling up!

Weeks 7-9 – There is light at the end of the tunnel!

OK so at some point I’ll stop making excuses for not posting more often. I’m not saying I’ll post more often, I’ll just stop making excuses. The last three weeks has seen a lot done, but one of the most noticeable things, at least from my perspective, is that we can find time to sit

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Shower glass.

Two updates, in one day! Here is Week 6

I’m glad I’m getting these updates done. However I should put a disclaimer here, I am pretty tired. I think theseĀ sentencesĀ are making sense, but for all I know it’s a random bunch of letters going up here. But I suppose ifĀ that’sĀ the case, than you can’t understand this disclaimer. So there’s that. Week six. This was

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Dan spraying primer.

Look, an update!! Week 5

See, I told you I’d eventually get to updating! WeĀ have literally been working on the place every spare moment we have, and by the time we are done, I have been far too wiped to even think about writing. Since I havent been able to update daily, the pictures have built up quite a bit,

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There will be an update soon, I promise.

Sorry again. I haven’t been updating frequently as I should. We have been working like mad. My parents came down for the long weekend to help paint. We also now have a bedroom and a tiled shower! Anyhow, I promise I’ll have a proper update soon, I just need to stop working for a few

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We live here now!

Days 23 – 29 – Four weeks in.

I have to apologize for not posting more. It has been very difficult to find the time, as this last week we were in the process of emptying the apartment, and finally moving into our new home. This hectic schedule means I have a camera full of pictures, but haven’t had a chance to even

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Fireplace, drywalled, ready for paint and then the mantle!

Days 20-23

Mike here again from the office in Fingal. We’ve had another busy week so far of day job followed by getting as much done as we can on the church. I have been heading home at 4:30, throwing as much stuff as I can into the van, then picking up Leah at 5 and of

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Our new mountain, conquered!

Days 16-19 – Working day jobs and renovating sucks.

Hello again! Mike here writing this post from our new office! Leah is up in her fenced off desk area (she prefers “raised office area”). I’m watching a Ray Charles concert DVD (yay for unpacking and finding things I forgot I had!) and Leah is looking at colour swatches. She is making me nervous. Sorry

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Day 15 (Tuesday July 17) Is it hot, or is it just me?

Today was the first day since the third of July that we didn’t go to the church. It wasĀ apparentlyĀ also the hottest day in recorded history. Since we now have working air conditioning at the church, it would have made sense to go there, in hindsight. Instead, we took a much neededĀ cultureĀ break. A friend of ours,

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The septic tank with the pump and excavator.

Day 14 (Monday July 16) – Back to the grind.

Remember when you were a kid, and you got some awesome toy, but you had to leave it at home when you went to school? That’s what today was like. After spending every day for the last two weeks at the church, it was very hard to be away all day, and not be able

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The sanctuary, with our stuff lining the pews

Day 13 (Sunday July 15) Last day of “holidays”

Well here we are, the last day of our holidays. Two weeks sure flies by when you are in renovation mode. Tomorrow we head back to our 9 to 5’s, then straight back to the church to see what progress has been done. Today it was just Leah and me, and we managed to get

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