Today was easily one of the busiest days for us so far. There aren’t many pictures, mostly because I was as busy as everybody else, and also because people don’t like to get their picture taken when they have been lifting boxes for several hours.

We picked up our 26 foot uhaul truck at 10 am and headed to city centre storage. We got there early enough that we were able to use one of the docks designed for uhaul trucks. The emptying of the storage unit went pretty quickly, considering how much was in there. The storage facility has been very well designed, with making moving easy in mind. Lots of carts, freight elevators and big loading docks.

With our three helpers, Lionel, Juanita and Jeff, we were able to get the whole thing emptied in about two and a half hours. A big improvement, as it took Leah and I several weeks to fill it using the minivan.

After we finished there we pulled the truck down the street to our apartment, so we could load a few of the difficult items in the remaining space on the truck. We got the kitchen table and chairs, the loveseat, and the bikes loaded in. We were all ready to head to Fingal, with a stop for lunch and gas on the way.

That’s when things stopped moving smoothly. When we tried to get the “EZ-Load” ramp back into the truck, we could not budge it. It seems that at some point, a plate designed to stop the ramp from coming off its track stopped being attached to the truck. We could see the holes where it went, but there was no plate to be found. If I had my tools handy it wouldn’t have been difficult to fix, but they were in Fingal. So we had to call the roadside assistance number. They told us it would be about an hour, so we decided it was time for lunch, and walked to a nearby diner.

Right after lunch we got a call that the mechanic was there and we eventually got the ramp back in, though it still doesn’t go all the way in, it was enough for us to continue our journey. Juanita and Lionel took the uhaul and Leah, Jeff and I took the van. After a quick stop to fuel up, we were there, only a few hours behind schedule.

The unloading experience was a little more exhausting, to say the least. As we don’t have completed rooms yet,almost everything went upstairs, into the pews to be organized later. That meant many trips up stairs with heavy boxes.

Did I mention how awesome our friends are? Cause they are.

We took many breaks, and it was very relaxing to sit on the front step telling stories and making jokes. It’s really starting to feel like home, and we can see many great gatherings in our future.

After we finished the last boxes, we chatted for a while then headed back to town to drop off the truck. We all stopped at Harvey’s for dinner, as we didn’t feel like we were dressed (or clean enough) to go for dinner at a more sit down establishment.

After dropping everyone at home, we went back to the apartment and crashed. We are heading back to the church today to do more sorting and painting, but as this is the last day of our holidays, we slept in a little – until 8:30. That’s what sleeping in is now. I am writing this post from a laundromat, as we also are in dire need of laundry before heading back to day-job-land tomorrow. Hopefully progress will continue as quickly as it has over the last few weeks, and we are able to complete phase two of the move as the month progresses.

Thanks again to Lionel, Juanita and Jeff, your help was invaluable, and we appreciate you working so hard.

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