Our temporary living room

Mike and Leah here. Writing a post from our temporary living room in our new home. One of the challenges we didn’t think of was the fact that in a triple brick building, our iPhones (which we use now exclusively in lieu of a land line) lose at least two bars of reception. it often cuts out for an hour at a time, missing calls from people like the building inspector. We will have to find a solution to this.

Today was another e-a-r-l-y morning. I drove today, a morning rarity. We were the first to arrive and were happy to see the east furnace comfortably nestled in its new home beside the ovens.

We also noticed that it was hotter and more humid than a sauna when we got out of the van, at 7:45AM. Another humidex advisory day ahead. Luckily, Rob, one of the contractors had brought an industrial floor drying fan. Very effective at moving air around. Many cans of pop and jumbo freezees were consumed today.

Even with all the heat, much was accomplished. (there are pictures, but they are on my camera, and until I have proper Internet access, I can’t make them go from there to here. Trust me. It’s very technical)

The fireplace guys from Elmira stoveworks arrived with our new fireplace. It is gonna look
good, however the humor of the fireplace getting installed on the hottest day of construction is not lost on us. It is a very unique gas fireplace, that reminds me of something you would see in an old Victorian home. We also found light fixtures that matched the design for the living room. The firebox is in place, but the drywall needs to go up before the mantel and hearth (we own a hearth!).

When Terry, one of the pipe fitters with COAD arrived, he excitedly showed us a valve manifold he built last night to control all the different gas appliances. He’s pretty good at what he does. It was a work of art.

With the manifold in place, gas lines were run to all the appropriate places, and we can really see things coming together.

After a nice relaxing lunch, Ed ( another of the contractors from COAD) walked by and said “hot waters on.” Leah and I looked at each other and ran to a sink to try it out.

With the outside area clear of trees, we got to see the air conditioning unit get put in place, and it looks great.

Whats even better is the feeling of the first burst of cold air from the registers. (yay, a thousand times, yay). Ed showed us how to work our new fancy thermostat, and we walked around to check all the registers. Did I mention that there was cold air coming out of the registers?!

Did I mention how awesome COAD is?!

So that’s the east furnace/air conditioner in place and working. They are coming back next week to get the west furnace working.

After they left Leah and I took a drive to St. Thomas to check out the home hardware store, and grab some dinner.

When we pulled into the driveway we saw a big red cardinal at the new bird feeder.

We aren’t exactly sure how to use our ovens yet, but the food was hot, so thats progress.

Into the evening, we finally got to spend some time here without lights. It’s way dark. And very quiet. But it was,very cool to be in the space, with the bare framed walls and sleeping construction tools.

Tomorrow will be Leah and my first day alone with the place (unless we can convince anybody to help paint, nudge nudge, wink wink).

Stay tuned for pictures. We may put them up in their own gallery, but we will figure that out when we have some time.

Update: now that we are back at the apartment with proper internet, here are some pics from Friday:

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