A house concert is a musical concert or performance that is presented in someone’s livingroom, kitchen, basement, apartment or nearby private space. It is sometimes held in a back yard, church, hall or barn if larger audience capacity is required. They were quite common in the past (think Mozart – chamber music) and are experiencing a resurgence as they are places where both the performer and the audience can appreciate a more intimate show.

All of the money collected goes to the performers with no profit motive on the presenter’s part. They are conducted by invitation (including social media, word of mouth, mailing lists) rather than being public like a concert hall (although some small towns will publicize the concert through local media). One of the benefits of house concerts is the ability for touring artists to be able to play in towns where there are too few venues where people can go to experience great music in a friendly environment. From my own experience touring and playing house concerts, I found it is a place where people expect to hear your original songs rather than a night of cover tunes. The performers often get a meal and lodging by the host and can even do a coast to coast tour performing at house concerts.

Why host a house concert?

To share world-class music and to expose the musicians they love to friends. There is a certain charm to house concerts. It is a place where, unlike a bar, children can come to enjoy music as well. They provide a listening space that is mutually beneficial for the artist and the audience. Really, just imagine your favourite musician playing a concert in your house!