Sorry there haven’t been any updates in the last few days. We have been up at 7 every morning and at the church till 11 or 12 midnight. By the time we get back in range of technology, we have both been too wiped for posting.

Day 8 was a comparatively quiet day. There wasn’t a lot of new things started, but a lot of stuff in progress. Our electrician, Peter was back finishing his rough in for the inspection on Thursday. The guys from construct 3 started digging out the area for the bathroom expansion, and Dave completed more of the sheet metal work for the second furnace.

While all this was going on, Leah and I were working away in the office. We got two coats of our new color on the walls, and it is looking good. Peter also helped me fish a path for my network cables from the office to the living room.

Other than that, not too much to say about Tuesday. I mean, it is probably an enormous amount of work for a day, but we are living in extreme times here.


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