Today was another day bustling with activity.

After a night of drying, Leah’s painted light fixtures look great! You can’t even tell they were painted. Especially when they are up on the walls and ceiling. I spent the morning re-installing them.

While I was up a ladder with my hands jammed in a bundle of wires, the electrical inspector came in. Luckily he wasn’t here to reprimand me for not wearing safety glasses. I took him through the rooms Peter had worked in and he gave it the green light. That means that they can start finishing the drywall! Based on how quick the framing went up, I’m excited to see how quickly the rooms start to look more like actual rooms.

We had some other visitors drop by today too. Tony and Dora, two members of the congregation of Fingal United Church stopped by to have a look at our progress, and Bridget, a friend of mine from work, stopped in too. It’s nice to have people call and ask if we are “home”.

The progress on the bathrooms continues. They framed the floor today, and roughed in the drains for our new tub and shower. It involved cutting into the existing concrete, which made a lot of dust. We are expecting the inspector tomorrow morning, once he signs off on it they can start putting up walls!

Leah and I continued working on the office, touching up the green paint in some blotchy spots, and Leah started on the trim. While she did that I took my bundle of 400 feet of network cable and started untangling. After that I straightened it out, using the ample space in the aisles upstairs for the task. I got them assembled into a 70 foot long bundle of four cables, and went to work fishing them through the holes the electrician helped me with. Leah finished most of the trim, and the two colours together look great!

The other big milestone today was the powering on of the second furnace. (our friend Jim calls them Furnii) With both furnaces up and running, the fine folks from COAD cleaned up and after a quick run though of the thermostats, said their goodbyes. I know I’ve already plugged this company, but if every company I dealt with was as good as them, life would be a lot smoother.

Leah and I finished the day with yet another trip to Rona to pick out out bathtub faucet, and get some white paint to do more trim and doors. We are looking forward to another busy day tomorrow, the last official day of our holidays. If you want your two weeks off to fly by, plan a renovation, it feels like I left my office 20 minutes ago. I’ll be hard to be at work next week thinking about all that is going on, as there is still A LOT left to do. Not to mention packing the apartment and moving all our stuff to the new place. Before August.

No problem.


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