Today was a comparatively quiet (and cooler) day in our new home. Being Saturday, all the contractors were hopefully getting a much deserved break, so it was just Leah and I.

We got up early, and started tidying up the space, moved some stacks of tables and chairs out of the way, and started taping all the trim. I took down some of the wall lights, and did some “electrical” work, essentially tracing a wire though the old walls to make sure we didn’t need it.

Once that was done it was lunch time. Leah asked me what I would like for lunch and I suggested sandwiches. Even in a kitchen that big, your choices are limited when the only food in the place is bread, lunch meat and mr. freezees.

After lunch we put our giant drum of primer in the middle of the floor and tried to figure out how to get it from the pail into our trays, without accidentally priming the hardwood floor.

Leah made her way across the room doing the edges and I used the roller. We got about halfway done the room before we decided to call it quits and head into town to pick up our paint and some extra supplies. And non sandwich food.

Even though it is just a first coat of primer, not even paint, it is making a huge difference in the room. I am excited to see what happens to the space when we get some of our colours up there!

We will likely do more prepping, painting next week. It will be a bit more challenging as we have the electrician coming Monday, and at some point a new septic bed has to be installed outside, in addition to the drywall, west furnace and getting the fireplace assembled.

There is something else, too. What was it again? Oh right, we just have to move into the building. Before the end of the month. Wheee!

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