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We are good at doing stuff. But really, really bad at talking about it.

Hi everyone, Mike here. It seems that its been a while since we posted here. A long while. According to this blog, poor Leah has been painting that door for nearly two years!! In truth, that door has long since been painted; we’ve been so busy doing things, some fun, some not fun at all,

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Painting doors...

Busy bees!

We have been quite busy – both with things around the house and living life! Mike and I made some shelves to use upstairs that can be put on the sloped windowsill so we could put things on the sill. I painted them to match the rest of the wood and they look like they

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Our first power outage

Our First Winter

This post is many months late but the summer has flown by and I am just doing some catch up now. It was interesting going through the first winter season here. The temperature wasn’t bad and we learned to wear slippers and housecoats. We know which doors are best kept closed and the fireplace kept

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Jam session from a different angle.


Hi everybody, Mike here. Looks like it has been a while since an update. We are starting to get settled in, and it is really starting to feel like home. One of the drawbacks to this, is that after a full day at the day job, we don’t tend to do as much when we

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The Shed

The Shed

Well, as I mentioned earlier – we bought a shed. It  is a pre-cut kit and made of wood. What they don’t really make super obvious is that the floor isn’t included and extra reinforcement for the floor and screws are needed. You also have to buy shingles of course. Then the building of it

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October – Thanksgiving!

October already… Well, we have been busy and lately it seems that we’ve been doing mostly painting and other things that don’t look like big changes. How many photos of me painting would you like to see? We were especially focused on getting ready for Thanksgiving. We hosted Thanksgiving dinner for 18 people. As you

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Couches and unpacking the livingroom

September Flew By

We purchased a couch, loveseat and chair for cheap on kijiji. It really is just to fill the space that looked so empty. We had the coffee table and end table but nothing much for visitors to sit on. It is sort of a Victorian style but I am sure it is from the 80s.

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Tub filling up!

Weeks 7-9 – There is light at the end of the tunnel!

OK so at some point I’ll stop making excuses for not posting more often. I’m not saying I’ll post more often, I’ll just stop making excuses. The last three weeks has seen a lot done, but one of the most noticeable things, at least from my perspective, is that we can find time to sit

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Shower glass.

Two updates, in one day! Here is Week 6

I’m glad I’m getting these updates done. However I should put a disclaimer here, I am pretty tired. I think these sentences are making sense, but for all I know it’s a random bunch of letters going up here. But I suppose if that’s the case, than you can’t understand this disclaimer. So there’s that. Week six. This was

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Dan spraying primer.

Look, an update!! Week 5

See, I told you I’d eventually get to updating! We have literally been working on the place every spare moment we have, and by the time we are done, I have been far too wiped to even think about writing. Since I havent been able to update daily, the pictures have built up quite a bit,

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