Well, it was a day of excitement that is for sure. We took possession today. We received the keys – usually you get 4 or so – we got something like 18 (see photo). We changed the locks this afternoon. Here is a photo of Mike opening the door for the first time – yeah!

The heating/cooling guys came in and removed the old furnaces. They are very efficient – and so will the new furnaces be! heehee. Then they placed the new ones in the building. First they need to change some things before hooking them up. We drove back to London mid-day to pick up our tub which was waiting at Home Depot. It fit in the back of the van with about two inches to spare (see photo). Some of the exciting things: there was a bat in the room we were working. He was hanging on an extension cord on one of the posts – kept hissing and squeaking at us. I don’t think he was impressed by all of the drilling, banging and other noises we were making while he was trying to sleep. We eventually caught him (very gently) and sent him on his way – outside.
Then, the most exciting part of the adventure today. Mike was removing something from the ceiling and a got a piece in his eye. He knows that he should have had safety glasses on – he did have glasses but that didn’t help one bit. We tried to flush it out but after over 10 minutes it wasn’t coming out. So – now we know where the nearest ER is – in St. Thomas. Corneal abrasion is the renovation injury for day one. They said he should be fine in a few days. I am not sure if he is trying to get out of renovations or just wanted something printed with his name and our new address first (the hospital card)

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