People kept asking us what we would call our church. At that point we just called it the church. Then we decided that we would do a blog about the renovations and thought that maybe we should give it a name (rather than something like Prince would call it “the building formerly known as Fingal U”). So we came up with House of Harmony. It described it very well. It is our house, so that seems fitting, and it will be filled with music and love (i.e. harmony).We told our friends and they liked it. Mike started on the blog page with his photos and our friend Lionel, inspired by the rosette stained glass window, came up with a graphic for the page. Pretty cool eh?

There are many who have been interested in the process of purchasing and renovating a church building into our home. This site will serve as a place where people can come to check out the latest renovations and changes as well as to find out about plans that we have. We are very excited about this adventure. Thank you for your interest in this project.

Leah & Mike