Hello again! Mike here writing this post from our new office! Leah is up in her fenced off desk area (she prefers “raised office area”). I’m watching a Ray Charles concert DVD (yay for unpacking and finding things I forgot I had!) and Leah is looking at colour swatches. She is making me nervous.

Sorry about the lack of posting in the last few days. Our internet connection was moved to the church at the beginning of the week, but we were still living at the apartment. In addition we are back in full swing to our 9-5 day jobs, and by the time we get here all the contractors have left, so we have to piece together what got done by what looks different, which isnt always an indicator of everything that happened.

Even though we only had a few hours a day to work, we still got a lot done.

On Wednesday and Thursday, Leah’s Brother Dan and his wife Shelley came out and helped us both paint the ceiling in the dining room and sort out the amazing amount of dishes that were left here.

I helped Dan mostly, and unfortunately there aren’t any pictures yet of the sprayer in action. If you had seen us after we were done, you would understand why, spraying a ceiling means a lot of paint everywhere else too. I didn’t want to get any in my camera.

Despite the large amount of prep that goes into spraying paint, it is amazingly quick when you get going. We had the whole section of ceiling covered in under a half hour, for both coats. A quick touch up with the roller and we were done. Now its just the walls.

I can’t wait to be done painting.

Leah and Shelley in the meantime went through and organized the kitchen. We were able to dramatically thin down the dishes. Which is good, as we need room for food!

I’d like to take this chance to again thank Dan and Shelley so much for their help, it really has gone a long way!

On Friday, Leah and I headed to the apartment right after work and started packing. I managed to get my office workstation dismantled and packed, and Leah got a bunch ready from the kitchen. After we filled the van, we drove to the church and unloaded it.

On the construction front, the guys from Lake Excavating have dug, installed and covered up our new septic system! Two days, that’s all it took. It doesn’t look like much (we have yet to name the new mountain in our yard), but I guess if you can see your septic system, that would mean there is something wrong. We also had a plumber out Friday and he started getting the drains done

The guys from Construct 3 did more work on the bathroom extension and the drywall. The walls for our bedroom and living room are now drywall and taping and mudding has begun! Our electrician was back and started roughing in the bathroom electrical. With the drywall up, I roughed in my installation for the speaker ports and network jacks in the living room.

On Saturday we got up early for a meeting at the bank, and then headed back to the apartment. I got my desk dismantled, and packed several boxes, while Leah got more form the kitchen and office ready to go. Once we got it to the church, I started working on setting up our desks. A friend gave us some old cabinets they weren’t using and one of them  fit perfectly in the spot where Leah will have her desk. I don’t have my networking finished, but we are able to use our wireless well enough from here. In fact considering how horrible cell reception is in the building, the wifi does a really good job everywhere.

While I was upstairs Leah did an amazing job of consolidating dishes we don’t need, while unpacking and organizing all of our stuff. This kitchen is gonna be great.

It sucks to be missing Home County Folk Festival (Joel Plaskett was tonight) but it is worth it to see so much progress. Having our offices functioning is a major milestone, since we will be spending a lot of time in here.

Even though we missed the festival, we did have some music. I packed my trumpet and last night took it for a spin in the main hall. It sounds awesome. I can’t wait for some of the jam sessions we are gonna have here.

We are likely gonna do more moving and painting tomorrow, then back to the grind. Now that I have an office again I’ll try to post more frequently.

Thanks everybody for reading, I hope you are enjoying our adventure!


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