Well here we are, the last day of our holidays. Two weeks sure flies by when you are in renovation mode. Tomorrow we head back to our 9 to 5’s, then straight back to the church to see what progress has been done.

Today it was just Leah and me, and we managed to get through a lot.

We started with a trip to the laundromat, as we are in dire need of clothes for work. Afterwards we headed to the church.

I started by taking down the lighting fixtures in the dining room area, getting ready to paint the ceiling and whiten it up. Afterwards I tried to tidy up a bit, moving things out of the room that didn’t need to be there.

Meanwhile, Leah was upstairs painting the doors in the office, and cleaning up the painters tape from the now completed paint job there.

After a quick break for lunch, we both worked downstairs, covering the windows and the¬†wainscoting. We are going to be using a paint sprayer, so we don’t want any to go where it isn’t supposed to. That means covering up pretty much¬†everything¬†we¬†don’t¬†want to be white. It apparently makes the painting go much faster, but there is a lot more prep and cleanup.

Once we finished that up I¬†went¬†upstairs to survey the boxes, getting re-acquainted¬†with our stuff that has been locked away in storage for the last six months. I’m glad I did. I found a Christmas gift I had gotten Leah in 2010,¬†specifically¬†for when we finally moved into the church. While Leah was still downstairs I¬†assembled¬†her gifts and placed them on the stage then went to get her. She’s pretty clever, and had a good idea as to what I was up to. She liked them just the same. It was nice to see something from what seems like a long time ago put into the place it was intended.

After that we locked up and headed back to the apartment. We will likely both have pretty long days at work tomorrow, and hopefully progress is fast at the church. They are starting on the septic system tomorrow, so maybe we can have our occupancy permit by the end of the week. Also, our internet is supposed to be getting hooked up, which means we will have some connectivity, other than holding our phones in the air hoping to catch a 3G signal.



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