Mike here again from the office in Fingal. We’ve had another busy week so far of day job followed by getting as much done as we can on the church. I have been heading home at 4:30, throwing as much stuff as I can into the van, then picking up Leah at 5 and of to the church. Leah has done a bunch more sorting the kitchen, and it is really starting to feel like home. Some of our food has even made the journey!

Construction wise, it’s tough to list progress on a day by day basis, so I’ll try splitting it into parts of the project:

The Bathroom Extension

The bathroom extension is really coming along now. For a while it felt like it was slowing down, mostly because we aren’t there to see all the work going into it; I imagine there is a lot that goes into framing an external addition that I don’t know about. We have now got a full set of shingles on the roof, as well as the plumbing roughed in for our new bathtub and shower (can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait!). The electrical is roughed in as well, and the whole space has been insulated. There is also an attic door that wasn’t there before, plus the bathroom fan now vents outside, rather than into said attic.

The Dining Room

After our adventure in spraying the ceiling with paint last week, Leah and I finished priming most of the walls we could. After a trip to Home Depot for some very heavy buckets (barrels is more like it!) of paint, we also got a first coat of colour on the east wall. It went very well. I think I may be finding my groove with this painting game. Just in time too, there’s plenty left to paint. We did what we could, but stopped short of where the old furnace had been removed from, as it needed drywall to be completed, which as of today has been completed, so we will likely finish this room up soon. We also have to prime the new wall, which we will likely use the sprayer for, as it is very, very fast.

The Living Room

A lot of drywall has gone up in here this week. They framed in the dropped ceiling, and have the drywall and mudding done on half of it, as well as the mudding and drywall on all the walls and the fireplace. Just needs to be sanded, and we are ready to paint here too. Good thing, cause they are coming to install the rest of the fireplace in a few days!


In addition to the plumbing for the bathroom being roughed in, we also had some plumbing added to get to the new laundry room. After a couple days with no drainage hooked up, it was a relief to be able to wash dished and use our new air conditioners without having to empty a bucket several times a day. I think the washer and dryer set we picked out will fit in nicely in this room.

That’s all I can think of for now, but I’m sure I’m forgetting something. The last month has been a surreal whirlwind of activity, and living in two places is starting to get old to say the least. But we should be able to really call this place home soon. Not that that means the work will be done, but it will mean a shorter walk to the bed at the end of a long day!


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