Remember when you were a kid, and you got some awesome toy, but you had to leave it at home when you went to school? That’s what today was like. After spending every day for the last two weeks at the church, it was very hard to be away all day, and not be able to watch everything progress.

That being said, it was also kind of cool to show up and see all the changes. After work we rushed home to grab some things, then straight to Fingal. Lake Excavating began working today, and it looks like they got a lot done. They dug out the old septic tank, as well as putting in the new one, and they started preparing the raised bed. Its going to change the look of the property quite a bit, but it should be worth it.

The guys from Construct 3 did more work on the bathroom. They took off the old shed door, and framed the roof extension. I’m excited to see this room come together.

By the time we got there, all the workers had gone, so we worked on prepping the dining room hall for the painting of the ceiling, which will be done with a sprayer. Leah’s brother Dan came by with some friends to drop of the sprayer and check out the place. He’s going to come back and help us get it working. Hopefully it makes quick work of the job.

After that Leah and I started working in the kitchen, getting an idea of what was there as far as dishes and what we might use or not. We managed to get a few boxes unpacked and put in place, but there is still quite a bit to go.

We also had our internet connection moved from the apartment to the church, so I got us setup with wifi. That way we can have some level of connectivity while in the building, which will be nice. I also used the wifi to have a “facetime” conversation with my parents back in Sudbury, and gave them a video tour of the place.

Today we are going to pick up more paint, and try to get some packing of the apartment done. We have two weeks before we have to be moved out, so we should be able to get everything done in the van, a little at a time.

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