See, I told you I’d eventually get to updating! We have literally been working on the place every spare moment we have, and by the time we are done, I have been far too wiped to even think about writing.

Since I havent been able to update daily, the pictures have built up quite a bit, but the daily excitement (or frustration) has had some time to dwindle down, as the next days excitement (or frustration) takes it place. What I do know is that we have gotten an enormous amount done.

We started the week with a setback. On any construction site there are bound to be mishaps. Unfortunately, our involved our new tub. During the installation, somehow a screw managed to puncture the bottom. Since it was a special order tub, it’s not like we could just go get one off the shelf. We are told it can be fixed, and are anxious to see that sorted out. The next day,  Leah’s brother Dan came back and sprayed the living room and bedroom with primer. We got it all prepped and he got the whole thing done fast. The next morning it was surreal, since everything in the room was the same shade of white. Later Shelley came with some helpers and put a few coats of blue on and got the ceiling pretty much done too. Shelley also mowed the lawn. Dan and Shelley are Awesome.

Outside, they started getting the siding in place, and it makes a big difference, rather than looking like a shed it is starting to look like a house.

After letting the paint dry, we were excited to get our bedroom stuff setup. We got the floor scraped and washed and not long after we were moved into our new bedroom! It was a great feeling to be sleeping in our own bed, let alone not be sleeping on an air mattress.

The other reason it was good to not be sleeping in the air mattress, was that we needed to free it up for company! My parents came down to spend the long weekend helping us get stuff done, and did they ever! The original plan was to have them come down and get the tiling done, but since the bathtub was damaged, we couldn’t do that. We decided that just the shower stall would get tiled this weekend, and we’d find other stuff to do.

We ran into a setback that required the shower base to be removed and reinstalled, but after that my mom was able to get the tile on and it looks great. She also took the pink support posts and transformed them into majestic marble pillars, with elements of colour from the rooms they are in. They look amazing, and I think they will be a centre piece for years to come.

My dad an I got a majority of the lighting installed, as well as reinstalling the shower base, which took the better part of a day. Having an electrician for a dad is very handy. Leah and I were having trouble getting the lighting fixtures for the dining room to, well, stay on the ceiling. They are somewhat heavier than the ones that were there.

After my parents returned home, I got the closet systems installed. We bought two kits from home depot and they are great. I haven’t had a proper dresser in a ling time, so this is new for me.

That’s about all I can remember for week 5. I’m going to try and get the update for this last week done now too, so stay tuned.



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