OK so at some point I’ll stop making excuses for not posting more often. I’m not saying I’ll post more often, I’ll just stop making excuses.

The last three weeks has seen a lot done, but one of the most noticeable things, at least from my perspective, is that we can find time to sit and relax. For the first month of the project, we were working almost 18 hours a day, counting the day jobs. Days start to fade into one another when you don’t take some time to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Now that the “must-finish” items are moving off the list, we can get home, work for a while on a given project, and then start to feel at home. Watch some tv, play some video games, make some music, work on pictures. We even found time to go out of town and photograph Eaglewood Folk Festival (see pics here). The flip side of that is I forget what got done when, and am stuck going back to my photo record, which gets sparser as things get done. Not much point in taking a picture when all that got done is the floors getting washed (that’s actually a massive project, there is A LOT of floor). Its not like a new wall went up.

Anyhow, I’ll try and recap as best as I can.

Living Room: When last we talked about it we had temporarily hooked up the TV and surround sound. The TV has now takes its rightful place on the wall, soon to have its cabling concealed. We got a nice little rug for in front of the couch. Oh, and we got our new leather couch. I can say easily that it is the nicest couch I have ever owned. It is comfortable, sturdy, and the reclining is motorized, so it can be set to any amount of recline you would like. Turn on the fireplace, dim the lights, and it is a welcome retreat after a long day. We moved the old couch to the sitting area of the living room, and it looks good there too.

Dining Room: Painting is done. Mostly. I spent a weekend and did a few coats across the whole room, and it looks very good. A bit of touching up, and cleaning up some blotchy areas on the ceiling left to do as well as painting the trim. Once that is done, we can start to clear up the protective plastic, and make it less of a construction site.

Laundry room: Is now a laundry room! We installed the stacking front loading washer/dryer and once again we can have clean clothes, without a trip to a laundromat. Much nicer.

Bathroom: this is definitely the focal point of the work. Dan and Shelley came back several times, and helped us get the tile put down in the whole room, as well as grouting, and then caulking everything. It looks great. Just have to put baseboards in. We also have a toilet and working sink. And as for the centerpiece, we have a working tub!! The unfortunate hole has been repaired, and you can’t even tell it was ever there. The jets all function, and water only leaves by its intended route. Once we seal the grout we can start bringing in furniture and decorations, Leah tried out a couple things and this is gonna be a nice room.

That’s all I can think of for now. I have the feeling like I’m forgetting something, but I can’t seem to think of what.






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