We live here now!

I have to apologize for not posting more. It has been very difficult to find the time, as this last week we were in the process of emptying the apartment, and finally moving into our new home. This hectic schedule means I have a camera full of pictures, but haven’t had a chance to even upload them to my computer, let alone sit down and write a post.

So I also have to apologize for the lack of pictures in this post too, I guess. Cause right now, there aren’t any.

That being said, there has been some great progress over the last 5 days. On Thursday night Leah and I stayed at the church till 2AM, priming and then painting the box for our fireplace, so it would be ready for delivery the next day. Leah was there to see them put it in and said it went well. It looks great, even without the mantle, which we will be adding after all the other construction is completed. We turned it on, and are very happy with it. It will be very nice to have in the winter, and makes a great centerpiece for the living room.

In the bathroom, they have completed the insulation and drywall is going up. It looks like it will be pretty comfortable. The base for the shower stall is in, but they still have to build the box for the tub. I had some plumbing adventures of my own over the last few days, as I tried to diagnose and repair the toilet in the other bath room. I am not a fan of plumbing.

The bedroom and living room drywall is almost completed and as I write this, I think they are sanding it, so we might be able to start painting soon! Having those rooms completed will be a huge milestone, as we can start to empty the upstairs and get furniture delivered.

The other big milestone is that as of yesterday, we are completely moved in! We turned in the keys to ourĀ transitionalĀ apartment, and have spent the last two nights, albeit on the floor of the office on an airĀ mattress. Our bedroom set, though in the building, is covered with a tarp until the drywall and painting is done.

It is such a relief to not be living in two places anymore. There is nothing moreĀ frustratingĀ then looking for something only to realize it is at the other house, then having to plan a trip to get it, only to realize something you need for that place is back at the first place. Plus the trip ever goes as planned, and you usually end up spending an extra hour or two on something you weren’t expecting. Now that we are completely in the church, we can head straight there after work, and hopefully get a quicker start. We have also had two successful commutes into work, and it takes exactly as long as we were expecting, barring some big traffic problem.

Anyway, that’s all I can think of for now, when we left this morning there was a pile of new siding, so maybe the outside will have a new look to it when we get back.

UPDATE – I found time, here’s a few pics:

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