Today was the first day since the third of July that we didn’t go to the church. It was apparently also the hottest day in recorded history. Since we now have working air conditioning at the church, it would have made sense to go there, in hindsight.

Instead, we took a much needed culture break. A friend of ours, Jeremy Smith of the Driftwood Theatre Company, was in town with his Bard Bus Tour. They put on an amazing outdoor (and musical!) production of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night Dream.” It was nice to take some time to sit and enjoy some great theatre. If Jeremy’s tour is coming your way, I highly reccomend it.

Speaking of recommendations, I updated the links page on this site as well, so you can find some of the contractors and service providers we are using for this project. Everybody on this page has been great, and if we ever do something crazy like this again, we would be glad to deal with them.

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