We have been quite busy – both with things around the house and living life!

Mike and I made some shelves to use upstairs that can be put on the sloped windowsill so we could put things on the sill. I painted them to match the rest of the wood and they look like they belong there. I bought some light sensitive candles that come on at night and shut off during daylight hours. I have already received several compliments about the candles in the windows.

Painting, painting, painting
I have been painting more of the interior doors and finally got to the front and back doors. The front doors were quite a chore. They had to be scraped and some minor repairs made. I chose “dried basil” green for the front. We removed the hardware and I spray-painted it black. While I was out painting several people stopped to say how much they liked it. Someone from the municipal office even said that she almost called me to say how much she liked the colour choice.

I started on another room and began by filling some nail holes. However, then we had to move all the paints and chairs back in there so that project is on hold.

Scraping the rust off railings is NOT easy – I’ll tell you that right now! My back was killing me from using the wire brush and sanding off the rusty bits. I sprayed it black and am really happy with how it turned out. Hopefully that will last a few years!

I bought a bolt of fabric from Lens Mills and spent several days sewing sheer curtains for the front of the church. We cannot do the repairs required to the walls at this time so I made some long sheers that drape across and fancy it up. Mike helped me hang them (which was quite a chore) and even the tallest ladder was barely high enough. Those ceilings are TALL.

We have had a couple of parties to celebrate events of friends and family. It is a great space to be able to have people over. My family loves the large kitchen which is great for potluck suppers.  Whether an anniversary party or just a games night with friends – we are liking this space!

Mike has recorded a couple videos of himself practicing upstairs too!

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