Well, as you can see, it has been quite a while since we have done any HOH updates besides the events. There have been a few things going on the last few years with family illnesses and deaths so working on the building has not been the priority. Once we were finished with the roof (that was a biggy) we had to save and plan for the brickwork (and wait until the bank would lend us more money). Well, that is scheduled to start at the end of May – yeah! It is a BIG job and we will be posting photos of that for sure.

The roof was a HUGE deal. There was a bad wind storm and we lost some shingles. Actually – you could see the old wood underneath so it needed a fairly urgent fix. We ended up getting a metal one so we shouldn’t have to worry about it ever again. Mike picked the green colour and it looks great. You can see it as you approach Fingal.

We have been doing small projects like the vegetable garden and stuff like that. I began a sourdough starter a few years ago and have been enjoying the yummy bread and other sourdough recipes. I found a great recipe to be able to use the sourdough as well as the abundance of zucchini from the garden. Also, if you have ever enjoyed roast beets – you will know how amazing it tastes. If not – you should try it. This weekend I finished planting the garden for this year. Looking forward to more fresh vegetables in a few months.

We planted a Fringe tree as a memorial tree for our friend Kevin Johnston who passed in 2016. It was because of Kevin that we were able to find this treasure of a home.

We have been playing music and also found a bit of time for travel and camping and visiting people as well as the usual music festivals etc. We love to play board games and play music and have people visit.

We got the septic emptied after 5 years and it was hardly needed at all. I guess we can wait another 7-10 before we need to do it again. It is a bit bigger than we needed it to be but they went by square feet for the calculations rather than the fact that there are only 2 of us 98% of the time…

We had a few exciting things like when the backup battery for the hardwired smoke detector needed changing and we didn’t have a ladder tall enough. Poor Roxy didn’t like the beeping every few minutes for a whole night. Thanks to Dan for the ladder and for Jayne for letting Roxy sleep over until we fixed it!

There is never a dull moment with a big old building – that is for sure. We will try to update more often.

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