October already…
Well, we have been busy and lately it seems that we’ve been doing mostly painting
and other things that don’t look like big changes. How many photos of me painting
would you like to see?

We were especially focused on getting ready for Thanksgiving. We hosted
Thanksgiving dinner for 18 people. As you can see, the floor is a mess and that
side still looks very much like a construction zone. We cleaned and tried to tuck
away some of the painting stuff that we would still be needing soon. Painting
continued until days before the event. Then there was more cleaning to do. There
has been so much drywall dust in this building and do you know that it gets
everywhere? So, I washed the entire kitchen – took 2 days. Scrubbed every surface
and the cupboard doors and the floor and the appliances. The 8 burners especially
took some time. Then, before the celebration I washed every dish, glass, cutlery
and serving container before setting the table. People are teasing me about being
“Martha” now. I was very excited to be able to celebrate something we are very
thankful for with family. We set two tables end to end. One was kindly left by
the congregation and the other was given to us in early October by Mike’s
parents. They are both fairly long with extra leaves for each. It worked
perfectly. It was a bit tricky to find nice but inexpensive tablecloths for them
but I did. Then I made several centrepieces. You need several with a table that
long. We washed all of the chairs and set everything up. Then I also had an idea
to add a Maple cookie to each place setting. I was happy with how it turned out!

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