We purchased a couch, loveseat and chair for cheap on kijiji. It really is just to fill the space that looked so empty. We had the coffee table and end table but nothing much for visitors to sit on. It is sort of a Victorian style but I am sure it is from the 80s. It has cat scratches on the sides (may seem funny to some when they see it – they will think we have a cat hiding somewhere). I cleaned them up thoroughly and they fit in the space fairly well. That allowed us to set up some of the other things in the livingroom. I have started unpacking some of my hobby books and fibre art. We put a few bookcases in there and a cabinet for a few of my music boxes and other collectibles. It is feeling more and more like home. We took a short break from painting. It was nice to not wear painting clothes for a week. Mike assembled the wall mount for the television and put in some cable plates that allowed the cables to run inside the wall behind the television rather than dangle down between.
Mike’s parents came down for another visit. We were able to use their truck and pick up a garden shed for outside. I hope to get my tools garden stuff out of storage soon. We are plugging along.

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