July 1 was the closing service (Service of Celebration). They were guessing around 150 in attendance. They had all of the congregation members, neighbours and others who travelled to be there and 30 choir members (made up of people who had at one time sung in the choir). Some of my friends came out to support us as well (thanks!). Wow, it was a very powerful day. There was much singing, stories and history. It was an emotional day for many (me included). They asked me to sing and for us to say a few words about the future of the building. We assured them that we would take care of the building with respect and would hope that they would have a chance to visit in the future. Many approached us at the reception with questions and comments. It was good to be able to answer questions since there can be so many rumours that spread when people don’t really know what is happening. Many thought we were starting a business. There were even rumours that we were starting a dance hall – HA!  I explained that we are converting it into our home but do not want to close it off from the community. We would love to have pot-luck suppers, community bbq’s and told them that we expect to have an open house in the fall where people can come through to see what we have done to that point.
Tomorrow we take possession. The next couple of weeks are going to be crazy but we will try to post as often as we can. Leah

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