Date: Friday 23 February 2024

Sadly, due to the current COVID-19 crisis, we have decided to postpone this event. Frank Deresti and the Lake Effect will be touring again as soon as it is safe and responsible to do so, so stay tuned for updated announcements (feel free to sign up for our email list too!).

In the meantime, Frank released a video he other day that I think expresses things pretty well.


Please email to RSVP. We can then keep track of how many people to expect, and send you our address so you can find us for the show!


Hi everyone, Mike here! Happy New Year, and welcome to a new decade! As I write this, we are about to be engulfed in a blizzard, so it seemed like a good idea to start thinking about happier, warmer times!

For our first concert of 2020, we are very, very excited to share a wonderful group of musicians from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

We were introduced to Frank Deresti & The Lake Effect (FDLE from here on) at the Northern Lights Festival Boreal in Sudbury a couple of summers ago. Leah and I were volunteering as photographers for the festival, and happened upon FDLE just as they were finishing setting up for an afternoon performance on the shores of Lake Ramsey. Having several members, setups can take a bit to get right, but they were almost ready. Finally after a short wait, they were introduced and came out to play. They took their places, got their instruments ready, someone counted in: 1, 2, 1,2,3,4 and they played their first chord…

And at that point, the power for the stage, lighting and sound system promptly failed.

You can tell a lot about a band by how they handle situations like this. I’ve seen musicians get frustrated, defeated and have it effect their performance. Not FDLE. In what felt like a matter of seconds, the band moved from the stage down to the grass, the keyboard player ran to his car to get his accordion, and we were treated to one of the most magical, intimate acoustic performances I’ve been privileged to see. Before the first chorus was through, Leah and I were looking at each other and silently mouthing: “I want them to play at our place!”.

FDLE captivates an audience, without needing electricity.

Since seeing them in Sudbury, we have made several trips to Sarnia to see them play, and it has been just as good every time, (even when everything goes as planned and the power doesn’t cut out!) Their albums have found a near constant place in our household rotation, and many a road trip has seen us driving down the highway singing along .

In short, we are beyond excited to share these fine musicians with you. I know I say this every time, but I can guarantee you will have a great time, and leave happier than when you got here.  I hope you can join us for what will be a wonderful first show of the decade!

Please remember to send a quick RSVP to It allows us to know how many people to expect (and if you haven’t been here before, we send directions in an email to our RSVP list).

Also, if you know someone that would be interested in coming to our shows, feel free to let them know about us. We love making new friends, and really love making new fans for our artists!

Mike & Leah

Frank Deresti & The Lake Effect

Frank Deresti is a versatile and adventurous musician with an extensive list of performing and recording credits to his name. He maintains an active career as a performer, bandleader, collaborator, sideman, session musician, composer, and teacher.

His current songwriting project, Frank Deresti and the Lake Effect, continue to break new ground within the singer-songwriter genre. Armed with a diverse collection of instruments and influences, the band combines engaging and thought-provoking lyric writing with thoughtful and well-crafted arrangements. You will hear elements of folk, jazz, pop, country, soul, and more all wrapped into an impressive and distinct package. The undeniable skill and musicianship of each member is employed in the service of bringing to life a strong collection of songs, sure to engage and impress a wide cross-section of listeners. From heart-felt ballads to spontaneous moments of unbridled energy, their one-of-a-kind show is a must-see.