Date: Saturday 24 June 2017

Time: 08:00pm

Saturday June 24, 2017, at 8:00 pm (doors open at 7:30)

Suggested donation (100% goes directly to the artists): $15-$20 per person

Please email to RSVP. We can then keep track of how many people to expect, and send you our address so you can find us for the show!

We are excited to announce our second house concert for 2017! This time around we are welcoming our friends Ambre McLean and Preetam Sengupta to our little stage! We’ve known these two fine folks for several years now, and have been lucky enough to see them perform both on their own and together many times, so it’s safe to say you (and we) are in for a treat!

Ambre McLean

What does it mean to be an Ambre McLean fan?

The answer to that question begins the moment you hear her sing.  It’s something you earn a deeper understanding of as you absorb her songs, or perhaps more accurately – as they absorb you.  “Soul” is a word that means different things to different people…  Some things need to be felt rather than summed up with words.  Some things are better understood by that shiver down your spine, that smile on your face, or that tear that sneaks down your cheek.  Whatever soul means to you, experiencing the music of Ambre McLean, may just leave you with a new definition.

A veteran of the Canadian music scene, with her genre defying style and indie approach, McLean has carved her own path along the way.  After years of performing with bands Kyn, and Sharon Said, Ambre released her debut solo EP “Just Passing Through” in 2004, showcasing her ever-evolving craft.  Since then Ambre has released 3 studio album’s, garnered numerous accolades and has appeared regularly on the Canadian music festival circuit.  Currently touring in support of her brand new album “Me”, McLean is truly one of Canada’s rising stars.  She has been called “Canada’s best kept secret”.  With songs that will stick with you, and a voice bound to haunt you, this is one secret you’ll want to be in on.

Preetam Sengupta

“Melodic storytelling” describes his music best, and Preetam Sengupta’s live show is built around simple performance, playful stage banter, and very little pyro. While the (humbling) comparison most often goes the other way, Preetam’s niece has said that Paul Simon sounds like him. We’re pretty sure Mr. Simon is unaware of this.

Patience is both the title of Preetam’s new album, and a skill he needed to exercise in its release. After his debut album, HopeFull, a personal issue set Preetam back temporarily. He needed to re-learn how to play and sing songs he’d written in the past, unsure he’d ever be able to write another.

In time, Preetam found his way back to good health, and in studio with JUNO-winning producer Byram Joseph (aka Slakah the Beatchild). Joseph’s imagination and “musical wizardry” (as per Preetam) pushed the limits of what Preetam perceived as his abilities, and how his music fit into a particular genre. The result is Patience, a labour of love and celebration of life’s joys and sorrows.